LAVALEN is a Spanish brand with a long tradition and history. Our beginnings were in 1950 when we started working for Spanish women specializing in handbags and leather accessories. Today, without forgetting our origins, we continue here but renewed and strengthened to make trends in the world and be able to satisfy the needs of the contemporary women. 


Our designs reflect today and tomorrow. Being modern and attractive, they are still functional and comfortable. Maintaining harmony between beauty and comfort is one of the most important issues for us.



Passionate for art and fashion we seek inspiration in different corners of the world, mixing ideas, cultures and traditions, because we think that every woman, regardless of their country and nationality, has to feel comfortable with our creations.


We work taking care of the small details, trying to make basic and common things into something extraordinary. Our woman is bold, with a young spirit, full of dreams, who does not content to the typical, appreciates quality and originality, fighting hard every day stress with strength and energy. A person with personal success who living in difficult times, with daily struggles, is still that beautiful and romantic woman.